We are building the infrastructure for a Universally accessable system for clinical psychedelics

A mental health revolution

Why do we need new solutions? 

There are 350m depression sufferers worldwide. 100m are resistant to existing treatments which are losing effectiveness. The U.S. spends >$200B in behavioral healthcare per year and tens of billions on anti-depressants. This has given rise to the reconsideration of ‘alternative’ therapies.

At this cross-section of drug and talk therapy, a hybrid new form of treatment is developing with substantially improved clinical outcomes; clinic-based psychedelic drug-assisted psychotherapy. 

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Evidence-based modelling of care

Science-led, tech-enabled, data-driven care models

As an emergent medical technology and mental health paradigm, psychedelic drug-assisted psychotherapy presents an opportunity to address systemic failures in evidence-based and ethical mental healthcare.

Entheos is building a sustainable, scalable, technology-facilitated data-driven clinical care model that helps advance our understanding of these compounds, as well as the biological, psychological (set), and environmental (setting) variables that contribute to treatment outcomes. 

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 We believe to achieve optimum, successful integration and outcomes, the development of this class of compounds should continue to be carefully and skilfully nurtured through rational evidence-based science and medicine.

Entheos is positioned to fill this gap by supporting the development and accessibility of psychedelic medicine through the use of science and technology. Our ultimate objective is to facilitate a shift from the treatment model (sickness) to one of prevention, creation and promotion of mental health (wellness). 

Universally accessible clinic network

To ‘set and setting’,
we must add ‘system’

Entheos is more than a healthcare company, we are building a tech-enabled healthcare eco-system to support clinical psychedelic treatment with intention through a universally accessible system.

We believe, and from experience have learnt, the macro system in which a person receives clinical psychedelic care impacts the effectiveness of the treatment for each individual. 

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We are, therefore, designing our clinics and network to provide care relative to the needs of an individual and community. Our sliding-scale model will make quality treatment accessible. Our technology will facilitate the empowerment of patient pathways and user-led peer-support networks.

Using scalable technology, the Entheos clinic network will provide access to clinical psychedelic treatment across all socio-economic status’, delivering a biopsychosocial integrative framework of care capable of scaling up and across existing primary and general healthcare.

Empowering patients to participate meaningfully in decisions about their health and well-being requires multisectoral and inclusive engagement with all stakeholders. This is not easy.

To achieve this, and achieve the most effective treatment outcomes at scale, we believe in the need for systems and platforms to provide of safety, empowerment and education for all stakeholders. And an evidence-based approach in delivering safe and secure systems, frameworks and environments. These will help drive down costs while delivering the high degree of patient monitoring and pre and post treatment support required. 

Training, Education and Advocacy

The Leading international body in Psychedelic training

We are developing technology, educational materials and programmes that will help build, educate and manage a clinical workforce, patients and a wide array of stakeholders.

We are building an industry leading team to complement our existing founding team of psychedelic and psychiatric specialists, experienced technologists and tech entrepreneurs.

When building infrastructure, think big!

Clinical care not commodity 

Scale drives down costs and drives returns. However, mental health isn’t a commodity, it’s a public utility that requires a public infrastructure. To achieve the highest level of access, quality of care, and patient outcomes Entheos believes in a system-wide approach to deliver the greatest long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

Forgotten issues beget forgotten people. Our model is more than ethical and responsible, it is sustainable and scalable. This infrastructure will provide the greatest returns to society and stakeholders. 

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Healthcare companies are a public utility charged with delivering a public benefit valued above all else: the support of a healthy human life.
The fundamentality of that public benefit is simply stated; health before wealth. This requires the most attentive, considerate and humanistic healthcare design.

A model that provides for all of society will produce the largest and most impactful company delivering the greatest returns for all stakeholders.

A focus on investment in people and patients by providing the best quality of service in healthcare has, time and time again, shown the greatest long-term returns. 

Class A and Clinics are joining us!

We support you to support others 

Attracted by our model of Universal Access, leading psychedelic researchers and psychiatric professionals are joining the Entheos network.

We are supporting these pioneers to achieve their hard-fought-for life aim; treating patients with clinical psychedelic medicine in clinics of their own within a sustainable supportive system that will provide for all.

If you share their dream and this shared vision, join us!